Monday, 21 May 2012

How to Install Duokan Lite on Kindle 3.3 - Detailed Instructions

Files you need:

Jailbreaks install and uninstall bin files /
Launchpad install+uninstall bin files /  
Duokan_system (called DK_system) / 
duokan.ini (the configuration settings file 86kb)

You can download them all from HERE (zip format)

 To install Duokan on Kindle 3, do the following steps:

1 - Install the Kindle Jailbreak (choose the one which suits your model, mine is for the wifi only kindle 3).

To install it, copy the Jailbreak bin file into the root folder (the main folder) of your Kindle.

Then on your Kindle - go on: Menu - 'Settings'. Then click on Menu again, 'Update Kindle'.

Your kindle should restart and it should say 'Updated software' with a nice tick.

2 - Now you have the Jailbreak installed, you need to install Launchpad.

Launchpad will allow you to 'launch' the Duokan operating system when you restart your kindle in a later step.

Installing Launchpad is exactly like installing the Jailbreak, except you copy the Launchpad bin file on the Root/main folder of your Kindle.

Launchpad.bin (copy into Kindle root/main folder) - (click on menu on your kindle) - Settings - (click menu on your kindle again) - Update Kindle.

It will restart again and 'Update successful'.

3 - Now Launchpad is installed, you will copy the 'duokan.ini' file direcrly into the (automatically created) new launchpad folder.

4 - You will now uninstall the jailbreak (because Duokan CANNOT be installed with a jailbreak. [you installed the jailbreak before to install launchpad, but now its not needed.] )

To uninstall the Jailbreak, you simply copy the Uninstall Jailbreak bin file into the root folder and update your kindle.

5 -
Once the kindle is updated and restarted:

You will copy the Duokan_system folder into the main root folder of the Kindle.

Do NOT copy any duokan bin files onto the kindles root folder (because it won't be needed).

6 - At this stage, have your Kindle atleast 50% charged.

Restart your Kindle, and when it is on the loading Kindle page, quickly press Shift (the upward pointing arrow next to 'Alt') and press letters 'F' and  'D'. These 3 buttons are pressed separately one after the other, quickly.

Shift  D

It should say 'Successful' at the bottom of your screen (this means the launchpad has launched Duokan successfully, thank God.)

7 - Wait for a little while for it to load, a box should come up which says 'Q' (Duokan), 'W' (Kindle.)

Type 'Q' - this loads Duokan operating system.

If you type 'W' - this loads the Kindle default operating system (which you already use right now.)

If you don't get to press it quick enough, don't worry - just restart your kindle after the kindle operating system loads. Then press 'Q' again when the box with the options come up. (It might take you a few times, that's not a problem.)

8 - Once Duokan Lite loads - it will be in chinese, you can change the language to English by clicking on:

'Menu - Language Settings [shortcut: letter 'S'] - English'

That is Kindle lite installed on your Kindle 3.3 or 3.2 :)

If you go on - you can click on FAQ's to find out how to change screensavers on the Duokan operating system.


  1. I've tried a few times but I still couldn't install it... my Kindle (3 - 3g compatible) doesn't seem to want to have the jailbreak installed. (I had issues installing the Duokan at first, then noticed my Kindle was on firmware 3.3 and eventually found this post). The update failed screen keeps coming up. :(

  2. I've had the same issues installing Duokan 2012 using the method described above, turns out you have to edit the "duokan.ini" file like this:

    F D = !sh /mnt/us/DK_System/install/ &

    Once you do that, you save the file, restart the kindle and start from step 6.

    After I did that I was finally able to try duokan.

  3. notte0, if you're on Kindle 3g - install this Jailbreak first on step 1:

    from the KINDLE JAILBREAKS folder i've uploaded:

    On step 2 - you'll need Launchpad for Kindle 3g. Install it like you installed the Jailbreak on step 1.

    Heres the file you need:

    You can download it from here:

    Then follow the rest of the steps. And it should work, God willing (insha-Allah). :)

    If it still doesn't just ask! :D

    Peace (as-salaamu alaykum!)

  4. I have update to 3.4 (before reading this excellent post).
    I have Kindle keyboard 3g+wifi.
    I tried to jailbreak with "update_jailbreak_0.6.N_k3g_install.bin"
    This gives me the error "update not successful"

    Did I use the wrong .bin or does it not work for 3.4?

  5. Hi jaz :)

    Try resetting your kindle back to Factory Settings, then try the method above. It should work.


  6. notte, you need to find a new version of the jailbreak. it's currently at version 11, version 6 is packaged here.